Gōzaburō Seto
Gozaburo Seto
Name in Japanese 瀬戸 豪三郎
Rōmaji Translation Seto Gōzaburō
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kenta Miyake
Voice Actor (English) John Swasey
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation Seto Group

Gōzaburō Seto (瀬戸 豪三郎 Seto Gōzaburō?) is the boss of the Seto Group and is Sun's father.


Gōzaburō Seto is headstrong, and all around emotional in his everyday life and is very supportive of Sun's relationship with Nagasumi and hopes he marries her.


By pulling strings at the ministry of education, Gōzaburō, together with many of the Seto Group members, Ren Seto, Masa and Shark Fujishiro, enrolls in the staff of Nagasumi's junior-high school in order to watch over Sun and Nagasumi, thus becoming Nagasumi and Sun's homeroom teacher.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the head-honcho of the Seto Group he is one of the most influential merfolk in organized crime. Though it seems that Yakuza are not illegal in the Merfolk community, Gōzaburō is none-the-less the leader of an organization of powerhouse fighters. He seems to be well connected as he arranged for he, his wife and his compatriots to enroll as staff members mid-semester (summer break does not signify the end of school year in the Japanese school year) and possibly even posses some clout in the Merfolk government to aid him in covering up Masa's pre-amnesiac identity.

In terms of hand-to-hand combat he is strong enough to defeat powerful foes, some while in an intoxicated state such as pre-amnesia Masa (though he was caught by surprise in this case) and go against Lunar's Papa who had effortlessly defeated Shark Fujishiro before hand. He was the only one who could force his way through the rocks of the noble's prison. He is immensely durable staying conscious when forced through a urinal with enough force to break the wall, and get up with only slight damage, and break through walls on whims, in one instance uprooting a bathtub en process. As a Merfolk he can breath underwater, and swim at incredible speeds.

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