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Seto no Hanayome's story revolves around a mermaid named Sun Michishio. One day during her summer vacation, Sun was saved from drowning by a merman, Nagasumi Seto, in the Seto Inland Sea. However, under mermaid law, if a mermaid's identity as a mermaid has been revealed, either the mermaid who was involved or anyone who saw the mermaid are to be killed. In an attempt to save both Nagasumi and Sun's lives, Nagasumi's family, which is apparently the head of its own Yakuza mob, reluctantly decides that the two are to be married.

Gōzaburō, Nagasumi's father, however, is enraged about his son getting married, especially to a mermaid whom he deems inferior. Between Gōzaburō's attempts on her life and the madcap antics of a whole slew of antagonists — including the son of a rival mobster and a rich female transfer student with an attraction for Nagasumi — Sun is not enjoying a very smooth transition into her new lifestyle.

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