Ren Seto
Ren Seto
Name in Japanese 瀬戸 蓮
Rōmaji Translation Seto Ren
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Makiko Nabei
Voice Actor (English) Stephanie Young
Personal Info
Gender Female
Affiliation Seto Group

Ren Seto (瀬戸 蓮 Seto Ren?) is Sun's mother. She likes to encourage Sun and Nagasumi's marriage. She also enjoys teasing Nagasumi, whom she thinks to be cute. She transfers with several other members of the Seto Group to Nagasumi's school, becoming the new school nurse. Like her daughter Sun, when Ren enters chivalry mode, pink flower petals can be seen falling and the song "Namida Ichirin" (Ren-san version (-蓮さんver.-)) can be heard in the background. Ren on appearance is seen as a kind and gentle person but shows behaviour much like a Yakuza member. Her name Ren (?) literally means lotus flower.

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