Shark Fujishiro
Shark Fujishiro
Name in Japanese シャーク藤代
Rōmaji Translation Shāku Fujishiro
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Takehito Koyasu
Voice Actor (English) Bryan Massey
Personal Info
Gender Male
Race Merfolk
Affiliation Seto Group

Shark Fujishiro (シャーク藤代 Shāku Fujishiro?) is a member of the Seto Group.


Fujishiro is a tall, strong man with blonde hair with one long bang sticking out and hazel eyes. He has long, curved eyes brows, and his eyes are always dull, giving him a scary look. Fujishiro wears a black and gray jacket with a turtle neck and has black sweat pants with sneakers due to him being the P.E Teacher at Nagasumi's school. When he wants to eat Nagasumi his head transforms into that of a shark while his human legs remain but if he gets fully exposed to water he turns into a shark. He also has a bad habit of making every statement sound like a question,and every question sound like a statement.


Fujishiro is an impatient man. When he is not worrying about things he is seen to just sleep the entire day. For some reason, he always speaks as if he's asking a question even when his tone should be that of a statement.

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